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          Our Recruitment Team

          Dan Martinek : Account Manager, Finance & Accounting Division

          Dan Martinek

          Account Manager, Finance & Accounting Division

          Dan Martinek has 20+ years in the recruiting industry. He has spent his entire career in the IT and Health Care sectors. A high energy people person who strives in delivering 100% customer service to every candidate he works with. He believes in finding glove fit career opportunities for all people. The recruiting field is truly his life and passion. Dan has both a Bachelor’s and Master degree in Health Care Administration.

          Early in his career Dan served in the US ARMY. He was stationed at West Point, NY as a EMT training cadets and operating a medical facility for injured/sick soldiers and their families. Dan has lived in Orlando, FL for more than 30 years and is a very proud father of three young amazing children. Being a father is his absolute favorite and #1 job. As an avid sports fan, he coaches youth soccer and basketball at the YMCA when not helping his candidates find new opportunities.

          Contact Information:

          407-205-1127 | EMail: DMartinek@valintry.com | LinkedIn

          Anna Marcano : IT Recruitment Manager

          Anna Marcano

          IT Recruitment Manager

          A recent graduate of the University of Central Florida School of Business, Anna received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing, with a minor in Information Technology.

          Outside of work, Anna enjoys reading, baking, and traveling.

          Contact Information:

          407-392-3135 | EMail: Anna@valintry.com | LinkedIn

          Kaley Cook : IT Recruitment Manager

          Kaley Cook

          IT Recruitment Manager

          Kaley is an honors graduate from Daytona State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. Kaley excels at building relationships, finding an individual recruit’s talents, and developing businesses.

          Outside of work, Kaley loves traveling with her husband and reading.

          Contact Information:

          407-205-1129 | EMail: kaley@valintry.com | LinkedIn

          Joe DiGennaro : National Sales & Recruitment Manager, CPA

          Joe DiGennaro

          National Sales & Recruitment Manager, CPA

          Joe specializes in delivering pre-qualified tax & audit CPAs to public accounting firms.

          He's a graduate of the prestigious Bentley University, and brings a tremendous level of attention to detail and customer service to our team and clients at VALiNTRY.

          Joe is also a former Disney cast member, with many fun memories of his time as a skipper on the famous Jungle Cruise!

          Contact Information:

          407-392-3128 | EMail: Joe@VALiNTRY.com | LinkedIn

          Carla Wright : VP - Healthcare Division

          Carla Wright

          VP - Healthcare Division

          Carla is known throughout the healthcare recruitment world as an expert. Since her first role as an award-winning recruiter at NovaCare, formerly the world's largest Rehab Therapy company, Carla has been bringing?healthcare professionals to their dream jobs.

          She now brings her skills and expertise to VALiNTRY Healthcare, where she currently helps not only Rehab Therapists (DOR, PT, OT, SLP), but also Mid-Level professionals (NP & PA), CRNAs, and Physicians find their next amazing opportunity.

          Contact Information:

          941-417-5505 | EMail: CWright@valintry.com | LinkedIn

          Eric Lyublinksy : Co-Founder | SVP of IT Recruitment

          Eric Lyublinksy

          Co-Founder | SVP of IT Recruitment

          Eric is an experienced technology staffing professional with a proven track record sourcing top talent.

          He has a deep skill set in consulting and permanent staffing in a wide range of industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defense, Sales Distribution, Cyber Security, Electronics-Semiconductor, Energy, and Service Delivery. Over the years he has developed a methodical approach to the recruiting process to generate constant results.

          He currently resides in the beautiful Atlantic coast of Florida with his wife and two children.

          Here's a recent review of Eric's work on Glassdoor.com:

          Contact Information:

          407-205-1125 | EMail: Eric@VALiNTRY.com | LinkedIn